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Sugaberry - Public School is Failing Students of Color; The Homeschool Alternative

We’ve seen video footage far too many times of law enforcement officers and supposed educational authority figures physically tossing black children around like rag dolls. Brown and black children abused and mistreated and held back because the natural state of their hair was offensive to administrators and teachers. Fellow students of different races and nationalities who assimilate easier, taking indecent  liberties to embarrass them by ripping their hair out of the follicles or suddenly snatching extensions off of their heads. Our kids are being called the “N” word at alarming rates and even though we have an enduring history of putting on our poker face and muscling through the social stressors of simply trying to learn, it’s eroding the fiber of our childrens psyche, their self-esteem and draining their love for learning.

There is a better way of tailored education that just might work for your household. But first it takes an entire paradigm shift. I had the privilege of having a very lively, passionate, intellectual conversation with Compton native, and ER front liner (grateful salute), Doctor Myiesha Taylor Schlitz (and spoke briefly with her husband William Schlitz) about their homeschool experience and the book that encapsulates their proven success path. The what, the why, the how, the whole thing. Open your mind, read below, and buy their book to implement the homeschool mentality even if you decide that public or private school is more suitable.  

Let’s first give our parents in quarantine practical, proven help with their kids before diving into the homeschool alternative.

CS: It’s so encouraging to see such an accomplished family make such incredible strides academically. We see hope and possibility for ourselves through you all. During a time when many families have been tossed into becoming teachers at home, spending more time with their kids than ever, many parents feel very clumsy, like this time is almost a fail. We are nearing the end of the school year, but what advice do you have for parents who are also teachers in quarantine?

MTS: I would advise parents to not stress.  Realize that this crisis homeschooling is not true homeschooling.  As such, you aren’t going to be able to be as effective. Homeschooling parents during non-pandemic quarantines spend much of our time outside the home. Our children are in many activities that range from speech and debate to city youth orchestra.  Our children are in theater, and on sports teams, they take music lessons, and have swim practice. Parents cannot teach a child everything they need to know, so outside experts are invited into the lives of our children by way of homeschool classes, seminars, math clubs, and tutors.  Most of this is not available during quarantine.  And resorting to full-time online isn’t necessarily healthy. 

Therefore, relax in the knowledge that you cannot be a superstar homeschooling parent without tools, resources, and access to society.  As such, take this time to PLAN.  Plan your next steps.  Realize that homeschooling is a MINDSET and traditional school is only one [instrument] in your arsenal at your disposal to be utilized as necessary.  …now that a very commonly used tool is out of commission, you have to learn how to use many of the other [strategies] in your toolbox.  That is not necessarily a bad thing. 


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