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Traditional schooling systems are proving to be suboptimal learning environments for many students of color. Black parents bear witness to the myriad of problems their children face at school and are becoming increasingly frustrated with the inability to implement positive and constructive change. Many understand the immense value an education provides and understand its empowering effects in the lives of their children. However, as traditional systems of education fail their children, they feel they have no alternative options.


As a Black mother, Myiesha experienced this first-hand. As she noticed her daughter, Haley, lose her passion for learning in public school, she made the bold decision to simply pull her


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out and homeschool her. Homeschooling is fraught with myths and misconceptions and with this how-to guide, memoir fusion, Haley and Myiesha offer insight and enlighten readers on the “real deal” of homeschooling. Primarily that homeschooling is a mindset—a mindset that can be incorporated into all aspects of child-rearing. There are many options and opportunities to incorporate a homeschooling mindset, even if a family utilizes the public school system.

This how-to homeschool guide includes:

  • The Homeschooling Mindset

  • Benefits of Hmeschooling

  • What Does It Take To Homeschool

  • How To Start Your Homeschool

  • Preparing For College

  • Homeschooling Resources

ISBN:                         978-0-692-15393-2

Publisher:                 Taylored Publishing

Format:                     Paperback, 194 pages

Published:                January 2019


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